Luxury Croatia holidays for an unforgettable holiday experience

Why settle for a crummy rental apartment far from the beach when you can treat yourself with luxury Croatia holidays. Luxury is not as expensive as it used to be anymore. More or less everyone has the means to treat themselves with luxury holidays at least once in a while if not every year. Globalizations has enabled us to travel further and longer with minimally more money than before.

Luxury Croatia holidays offer you a stay in one of many Croatia’s first class apartments and hotels enjoying the crystal clear sea and amazing local food. Croatia has almost 1800 km of coast, which means there is bound to be something for anyone. Besides the coast, Croatia offers a plethora of incredible destinations, full of history and culture.

luxury croatia holidays

One of the most visited cities of Croatia are definitely Pula and Dubrovnik. Due to its international airport, Pula is only a plane ride away from all major global destinations. It host one of the six remaining arenas around the world and an array of historical remains. While Pula has been known for a while, Dubrovnik has just become more famous in recent years with the help of Game of thrones. Due to the show’s popularity, Dubrovnik has recently become a Mecca for tourists and fans of the show all around the world. All this makes both cities ideal for Luxury Croatia holidays.

Besides these well-known cities, luxury Croatia holidays also offer a wide array of locations on Croatia’s many islands. Vir, Pag, Krk, Brač, Korčula, just to name a few, are considered to be top location for luxury Croatia holidays as the locals there have learned how to cater to the demanding global traveller.

While the coast is the place to be in the summer, we must not forget about Croatia’s capital, Zagreb. The vibrant capital is the perfect destination any time of the year.