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4 ways for a healthy living

Are you interested in how can you live healthier live? If you would like to live healthier we suggest you to visit this web page https://www.fittijelo.com/ where you will be able to find a lot of different advices on what to improve yourself, to be more healthy, full of energy and optimism. You will find out, that those 4 categories are crucial for healthier living:


  1. Exercise more often
    One of the most common things that you can do, to be more healthier is to do more exercise. If you decide that you will take a longer walk every single day, you will make a big improvement in your life. Even better if you decide, that you will run every single day or at least more days in week then not. That kind of activity is one of the best ways to improve your physical health and that’s why we suggest you to do more exercise.


  • Eat more healthy food

Another very common suggestion that we have for you is, to eat more vegetables and fruits. With fruits be careful, because they have a lot of sugar in some cases, so make sure that you will not go over your daily limit. Ask some professional for advices about what kind of food you should eat, because this area can be very difficult to understand on start. When you will decide to change your eating habits, it will be the best, if you have some professional help.

  • Drink more water

If you would like to be more healthy, we suggest you to drink more water on a daily basis. Water is very important for our body, so make sure, that you will drink enough. Professional advice, that a grown up person should drink more than 2l of water every single day, so if it’s possible, try to keep that number in your mind.

  • Less stress

Stress is one of the biggest enemies of our health. Make sure, that you will reduce your stress levels as much as possible.

Villa Krk

Villa Krk named Splendissima is a wonderful place away from the noise, crowds and worries, which makes it a perfect shelter from everyday stress. The property is located 300 meters away from the town of Krk on the island Krk in Croatia, which has a wonderful sunny weather throughout the whole summer and even the majority of the year, so practically almost any time is a good time for a stay in the villa. Krk is a very popular holiday spot for tourists from all around Europe, due to its crystal clear waters and clean, diverse beaches, where anyone can find a terrain they like best. Make sure you visit http://www.villa-krk.com/ for more info!

The property offers great Mediterranean atmosphere with the typical flora such as rosemary, lavender and old olive trees, which makes the relaxing at the garden peaceful and stress-free, perfect for reading books or simply resting in front of a stone built villa. Krk offers more and more apartments for rent in luxurious villas, since this kind of holiday is becoming quite popular amongst tourists. Besides the natural beauty, the garden offers great spots for relaxation including a private pool for the guest, sun beds, benches, hammocks and swinging egg chairs.

Villa Krk

Villa Krk

The guests of villa Krk can choose among three apartments, one of which is a studio for 2 people, apartment for 4 people with sea view and apartment for 4 people with direct pool exit. All the apartments are fully equipped with everything you need for a cozy and careless stay on holidays – from microwave, coffee machine, dishwasher and fens to the air-conditioning device, TV with satellite and wi-fi internet connection and hairdryers in the bathroom.

The guest who stay at villa Krk called Splendissima for more than 7 days are offered a free degustation of local specialties, such as sheep cheese, other different local cheeses, prosciutto, wines and also amazing locally made olive oil, which is a very famous product of Croatian Mediterranean. There is a free parking space available for all the guests staying at the villa. Krk offers a lot of other activities in the near vicinity of the villa, such as mini-golf field, volleyball, tennis or even morning yoga classes. There are countless restaurants there, shopping stands and many bars to spend a fun time in the evening at. Everything needed for a great stay in the summer.

Water Temperature and Neoprene Thickness

Buying a wetsuit is not easy. You have to consider many things that can help you feel comfortable. It’s not only the materials of the wetsuit that matters or should be given special attention and consideration, the water temperature and Neoprene thickness should also be considered thoroughly.

The water temperature here would mean the degree of coldness and warmness that a person can tolerate while wearing a wetsuit. The water temperature and neoprene thickness vary. The wetsuit should match the water temperature to make you comfortable all the time. It would be wise then (and advisable) to check on the wetsuit temperature guide and chart.

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber which is used to make wetsuits. Neoprene is chemically stable and it retains its flexibility in all temperature ranges. Neoprene is not only used in the production of wetsuits, it is also used to make laptop sleeves, orthopedic braces of the wrist, braces, electrical insulation and many more.

Water temperature and Neoprene thickness should compliment each other. For instance, wearing a flimsy wetsuit with thinner Neoprene can bring you comfort; it gives lesser pressure on your muscles. The moment you slip on the wetsuit, you have already exerted extra effort in putting on the wetsuit.

Water temperature and Neoprene thickness would mean choosing a Neoprene thickness that can withstand any temperature. If you get cold easily you have to choose a thicker Neoprene. Cold water can affect your health and can be very detrimental to your health. It can lower your stamina. However, if you get warm or hot easily, you should choose a wetsuit with a flimsy or thin Neoprene.

The Water temperature and Neoprene thickness can be well understood by looking at the water temperature and the Neoprene thickness guide and chart. Furthermore, you should also consider other factors before purchasing the wetsuit that you need. This can help you choose the thickness of Neoprene. The chart gives you the water temperature and the wetsuit thickness. For instance, a quality winter wetsuit will not allow water to enter or get through the wetsuit.

Other factors to consider in purchasing a wetsuit is your activity. The Water temperature and Neoprene thickness can affect your activities, hence, your activities should not be taken for granted. If you’re always on the go, your energy burns easily which will then produce heat. In view of this, a thin Neoprene is highly recommended.

Marc Marquez 2014 – The Perfect Start

Marc Marquez 2014: the words that are on everybody’s lips, because the MotoGP World Champ won the championship with a 100 per cent record. And that is not all, because Marc is planning an amazing end of year: he wants to break all the records at Le Mans.

Marc is simply phenomenal. Since he debuted on the Repsol Honda RC213V, on his MotoGP, he surprised everybody. But Marc Marquez 2014 was simply unbelievable. The young moto racer had a total of 20 podiums, 13 pole positions, and 10 victories in his name. He collected a lot of records, and it seems nothing can stop him.

Marc Marquez 2014

Also, for Marc Marquez 2014 became the best year ever, because the champ signed a contract with Honda. The contract is signed for two years, and Marc will start using Honda motors for the French Grand Prix. However, he will stay on the factory team also for the 2016 season.

If you still don’t imagine how great Marc Marquez 2014 was, remember that Marc have won all the four races, starting from the pole position. Here is a re-cap of the entire season:

  • Marc Marquez 2014 – The first rider who opened four races in one year, after Mick Doohan’s record in 1992.
  • Since Valentino Rossi in 2003, Marc is the first rider who won four consecutive races in the final.
  • Since Giacomo Agostini in 1971, there was no other rider, until Marc Marquez 2014, who won four opening races, from pole position, at the top category.
  • On the current calendar, Marquez is the only moto rider who won all the circuits, after the Jerez victory.
  • At the end of 2013, Marc was the first rider who won five consecutive races from pole position. Before him, Casey Stoner had the same record, in 2011.

As you can see, Marc Marquez had a great year, but even greater things are supposed to happen. Follow his evolution and do not miss any race, because it will be a great show.