Business in Slovenia

Business in Slovenia

Anybody who wants to put up a business in Slovenia should enlist their business in Europe. As an EU member state, Slovenia offers immigrants or non-nationals an opportunity to open a business in the country but should have their company enlisted in Europe.

During 2007, Slovenia implemented a new system which was referred to as the One-stop Shop. During this time the process in registering your business is easy and can be done in a short span of time. The same process holds true for foreigners who are planning to put up business in Slovenia.

Whoever wants to start a business in Slovenia should also follow some steps before opening their business in Slovenia.

Forms of Business in Slovenia

The One-stop DATA which offers free registration allows us to register different kinds of business which can be classified as:

  1. Sole proprietor (S.P.)
  2. Limited Liability Company

Other kinds of business in Slovenia (like the Unlimited Liability Company, a Public Limited Company, Limited Partnership and a Limited Partnership with Share Capital) are all enlisted at the notary. .

How to enlist a branch office in Slovenia?

In registering a branch office in Slovenia, you have to comply the following requirements:

  1. An abstract which you will get from the register of company
  2. The resolution about putting up a branch office in Slovenia
  3. Memorandum of the Association
  4. Financial Report

We can give you our all-out support, help and assistance in all of the processes involved in establishing a branch office in Slovenia. We can help you arrange or organize all documents needed, set up the registration date and accompany you to the notary.

After following all the process at the notary we can set a conference with our accountant. We can also provide professional tax and accounting consultation with the intention to do business in Slovenia.

Our package offer includes:

  • helping you process the registration of your company in Slovenia and

Getting Slovenian tax numbers, business address, company registration, accounting services, getting work permit, residence VISA permit, processes for family reunification, insurance application, hiring workers and business consultation.