Womens hats

Summer is leaving us, and the sun is become away from us. Fall and winter seasons are approaching. Women need something to cover their heads that is why womens hats are common nowadays. If you wear caps, it indicates several things; it shows you give importance to your health, you have a style and grabbed a modern look, thirdly it shows you are a wealthy lady. New design and styles of womens hats are coming on the way with the new season. These design and styles indicates the creativity of professionals and expert people in clothe designing. Following are some womens hats design and styles described below:

Womens Hats

Hat with Ear Flaps: Initially, ear flaps were only seen in men’s fashion but in new season this style is also available in womens hats. This is a Russian style, and it gains popularity among the fashionable and modern ladies. If you are looking for true or original hat with ears flaps than you should look in Sino-Mongolian collection of Jean-Paul Gautier. Here you can find latest and trendy womens hats, which are made of fur with wool and velvet applications. Though, many people cannot afford these expensive designer ones, if so, you can find similar shape ones made of faux-fur in Accessorize. This is a facility meant for those who are not very rich, but they want to adopt the latest and trendy designs.

Women’s Caps: The fashion of women’s caps is back again. You can see this item on Christmas wish list of an It-Girl. The style is basically adopted from the mass market, so you can also get these in cheap prices. If you wear this type of cap, don’t forget to have scarf over it, it will look more attractive.

Stocking caps: These are one of latest designs presented by the Pollini in fall season. Designers suggest that you should wear this with short dresses and wide coat as well, it will create a charm in your personality. Though, this design is not very latest and new, but it is presented in 2014. Stocking cap is been knitted of soft wool. It should wear with the coarse scarf of same kind.

Besides the womens hats, designers also presented warm clothes in this season such as coat, sweater, gloves and other winter wearing. You can buy this all stuff on and offline as well, as per your convenience.